Using science-based mindset coaching techniques, I provide customized support in any area of your life.

Maybe you've mastered some areas of your life, yet still don’t feel fulfilled. Or maybe you desire more success, more fulfillment, more peace, more happiness, and more connection; yet find yourself over-thinking everything and self-sabotaging your goals. I CAN HELP!

Your mindset is the determining factor on whether or not you will fail or succeed at anything.  -Laura Hardnett


Hi, I'm Laura, a certified mindset & empowerment coach. 

I help men & women identify limiting beliefs that are blocking them from their true potential. I help my clients get clear on what they really want, then we uncover what it's been like up to this point, and dive into discovering the beliefs, blocks, behaviors, habits, and patterns of thinking that prevent them from living the life, creating the business, or having the relationship they desire.

Can you relate to any of these?

  • You feel like your life is “boring”, and like there is something missing?
  • Your relationships feel frustrating, leaving you often feeling unfulfilled or like there is a lack of connection?
  • You've been realizing you look for approval or validation from others to feel sexy, or worthy?
  • You're in need of accountability, you know what you should be doing, but just don’t feel like doing it.
  • You often feel overwhelmed, like the world is sitting on your shoulders?
  • You often feel undervalued, and under appreciated?
  • You're frustrated with your body, and the feeling of lack of energy?
  • You want to take your business to the next level but you can't seem to figure out how to do it.

What makes this program different then many other coaching or therapy program?

The Breakthrough Your Beliefs program has been specifically designed to create lasting change to help men & women transcend their limiting beliefs and start living the life they deeply desire. This program uses a very specific science-backed approach to help you get to the root cause of the things that are holding you back and keeping you feeling stuck and frustrated.

This course walks you through the process of understanding your beliefs, and then gives you the specific process and tools to take action to create your unstoppable life. The goal is to help you get out of your own way, while also helping you understand what is keeping you feeling stuck in the first place. When you free yourself from limiting beliefs you begin to uncover a newfound confidence and inner peace like you've never known before.

Your mind is like a garden, if you want to stop the weeds (negative thoughts and feelings) from overtaking the garden (your mind), you must pull them out from the roots.

With this system, we aren’t just trimming the weeds, we do a deep dive into the rooted habits, beliefs, patterns, and perspectives of how you see yourself, others, and the world.

When there is a disconnect between what you want and who you are being, it creates the feeling of anxiousness, overwhelm, and uncertainty. 

The work we will do together will help you find clarity, purpose, and peace, leaving you feeling unstoppable! 

What does it mean to "BE" your best self

  • Be Clear What do you desire. Where are you stuck.
  • Be Aware What has it been like up until now. What are the stories, what are the limiting beliefs, where did they come from. 
  • Be Intentional Let's work  together to create new empowering stories, new beliefs that are more aligned with the life you desire.
  • Be Unstoppable Put into action new frame works and new habits and live that dream life, free of guilty, worry, and fear.

What Clients Are Saying

"Prior to coaching I use to feel so stressed, overwhelmed in work and home and just truly exhausted at the end of the day. I use to experience loss of sleep, mood swings, and weight gain. I use to hate the thought of healthy food and exercise After coaching: I have control of so many aspects of my life. I know I can take on any challenge that comes my way now it just takes time and planning. I go to the gym 3 times a week now and I actually eat healthy now and love it I sleep well and my stress level is so much better Coaching with Laura has been one of the best investments I have made in my life. I always looked forward to our calls because I knew she always going to help me be the best me that I could be. Some of my AHA moments were: Food is NOT the enemy, the importance of time management as well as deadlines, a calendar of things to do and prioritizing them, and exercise is not AWFUL. I would recommend Laura to anyone and everyone I know. She is the best coach ever and cant believe the transformation that has occurred in my life. As a businesswoman myself it was so easy to connect with her and I always knew she understood and would always guide me in the right direction. Even on the days I struggled I could reach out and she was always there to do and say the right things. Thank you for everything! Life is great!!"


"Thank you for guiding me to true self love. I always heard about it, but never knew that it really existed. After twenty years of having a hate-hate relationship with food, I finally understand nourishment, and how to enjoy food. I look forward to sharing these invaluable teachings with my family. I would recommend anyone who sees room for improvement to contact Laura. If you simply follow her guidance, and put her ideas into action, you will experience life on what feels like an entirely new dimension. Your level of awareness will soar, your motivation will be fueled, and your relationship with food will be enhanced. Endless thanks to you, Laura! "


"I use to feel lost, not sure what direction I was headed in or how to keep going. There were several moments of weakness. Not sure how to cope with times when I felt overwhelmed or stressed. I use to suffer from eating whenever I felt emotional. Food was my way of coping with everything. I eat healthy, so I would just binge on healthy snacks, which wasn't healthy. Since working with Laura, I feel a sense of self awareness. I know I can get through emotional and stressful times, and I can reel myself in when I feel lost, insecure or stressed. I no longer feel anxiety when I am in a position where people are drinking and eating poorly. Laura has taught me to come up with a game plan whenever I am stressing over being in an environment where I have no control over. I feel secure, self empowered, and confident now. Some of biggest aha moments were diving deep into my issues and where they came from. Looking back on past relationships and events in my life has molded me into who I am today. If it weren't for any of those things happening, I wouldn't be where I am now, which is in an amazing state of mind surrounded by wonderful people who push me and motivate me to do incredible things. Thank you Laura for Your patience, understanding and friendship. Because of you, I am able to attack anything thrown at me with ease. I see the best in myself and push myself further than I ever thought possible. I am climbing 14'ers and destroying goals that I set for myself. "


Not Sure Which Program Is For You?

If you want to experience what it would be like to have me as your coach, schedule a complimentary discovery coaching session by clicking the button below. It’s an obligation free, deep dive into you and your goals. If, and only if, by the end of the call we both feel excited by the idea of moving forward together, then we’ll schedule a separate call to discuss working together. If that sounds like a good plan to you, then go ahead and click the button below to book your complimentary session today.


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