"She's Determined To Rise" Women's Health, Beauty, & Lifestyle Summit

This virtual event is dedicated to helping women make better choices, every day. This event will nourish your mind, body, and soul, and strive to spread awareness and exchange knowledge on Healthy Living, Physical Health, Mindset Wellness, and Spiritual Health. Click below to sign-up for the summit. The summit is FREE with an option to upgrade to VIP for just $20. Click below for more details. 


Join us from the comfort of your home and learn from several of the top local women experts on



Building Your Immune System The 411

Hormones? Myths & Facts

Eat For Life. The 411 on eating clean & when to detox

Conquer Your Cravings & Emotional Eating 

Vitality, Sensuality, & Pleasure


Beauty for the inside out GLOW

Easy zoom ready makeup techniques

Wake up sexy - tips & trick’s

Best non-surgical treatments to turn back the hands of time

What every women should include in their skincare routine



Quick tips to creating A sacred space in your home.

Living your dream life NOW

Financial wellness

Shoot your best angle - tips for capturing the best photos


Who is this event for: 

  • women that are feeling like their life is good, but they want more
  • women who are tired of feeling burnout, anxious, and depressed.
  • women who are struggling to lose weight or build muscle and feel unhappy with how their body is changing.
  • women who want to learn how to be more confident so they can create boundaries in their lives
  • women who want to improve their sleep and sleep through the night
  • women who want to find more energy, and access more joy
  • women that want to improve their sex life
  • women who want to empower themselves and their families financially
  • women that are looking for a community of women that are TRULY supportive
  • or women who simply want to maximize their health and longevity.

Who is this event NOT for:

  • women that believe their life is perfect and they don't need support and don't want to support anyone else.

Jennifer ​Gularson, PA-C, IFMCP

Jennifer is a board-certified Physician Assistant in Functional and Aesthetic Medicine with over 20 years of patient-centered, personalized clinical practice. She looks at patients as a “whole person” and helps to formulate ways to help patients look as good as they feel and feel as good as they look. Jennifer follows the Functional Medicine approach, which utilizes conventional and integrative treatments by assessing all aspects of an individual’s lifestyle, genetics, environment, emotions, beliefs, and social relationships which influence health and disease. Her love of aesthetics has made her one of the area’s top injectors of neurotoxins (Botox & Dysport) and dermal fillers (Restylane & Juvederm).   

Laura Hardnett

Laura is a certified health coach with over 20 years in the health and fitness industry. After years of research and putting her body through every diet, cleanse, and exercise program out there, and being sick and miserable the entire time; she finally learned how to stay fit, be healthy, while still enjoying life. Laura is passionate about helping women nurture their mind, body, and spirit. Laura is the founder of  'Fit Mind Body Academy' where she coaches women how to heal their bodies through grace.  Laura is passionate about providing the support, resources, and information to empower, uplift, and inspire women in our communities. She believes that when we come together, women can do more, go further, and change the world.


She's Determined To Rise